Montag, 20. Juni 2011

My (unauthoritative) list of book recommendations

After my workshop on Ruby on Rails on Saturday I was asked to recommend some books on programming, Agile and similar topics. I don't feel like an authority, because I didn't read at least half of the books I assume to be import. But these are my current recommendations.
(I allowed myself to link the titles to Amazon using a personalized link; when you order one of the books by following a link within this post I will be rewarded a small amount of money; you might reward my gratuitious engagement for the SkillShare workshop this way)

Ruby on Rails books

I just advice the classics on Ruby and Rails:

My personal top 3

  1. Martin Fowler: "Refactoring" (also available as Ruby Edition). This book was a real eye-opener for me. Afterwards software was way "softer" to me. I became able to knead my code towards the direction I want.
    And besides, Refactoring is the basic ability in becoming agile. It enables you to evolve and extend your code and it is one of the three phases in TDD which is the next level when becoming agile.
  2. Robert "Uncle Bob" Martin: Clean Code. This book literally boosted the quality of my code. It gives lots of tips on the common principles when programming like good naming, refactoring the code, unit-testing, concurrency, and so on.
  3. Lasse Koskela: "Test Driven". This book was a key source for my diploma thesis in 2010. It gives a nice introduction to TDD, ATDD and an agile development process. A nice book to get you started.
This list might change with the next Amazon shipping ;-)

    Books I'm about to read / I was adviced to read

    When you are interested in more books, just leave a comment and I will post further tips. You might also name a specific topic.

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